Here’s how
it works.

Never before has executive human capital development been delivered so comprehensively with such sport specificity.

At Capley, you’ll get the learning and benefit of an MBA, but with complete relevance to your sport career, at a fraction of cost.

Point 1

Capley participants undertake a full needs analysis BEFORE they participate in a single course or discussion, so they can be assigned in peer groups of common purpose, need and outlook.

Point 2

Participants are assigned a professional executive coach, who guides them in their establishment of a personalized annual development curriculum through Capley.

Point 3

Executive coaches guide participants in the selection of a 10-course annual learning module curriculum that best suits their individual needs.

Point 4

Executive coaches also pinpoint a bespoke topic list for each participant group’s 10-session annual mastermind curriculum, based on the group’s input and collective needs analyses.

Point 5

This provides participants with 20 learning events each year, delivered remotely through technology-assisted learning, bespoke to each participant, with sport-specific executive learning content combining instruction and peer-based learning media.

Point 6

Participants also receive free registration to Capley’s two biannual Base Camp conferences, where all participants come together to network as a group, share experiences, and report on how they are applying their Capley learning experiences to their sport leadership lives.

A new way of delivering executive education and leadership professional development to the sports industry!


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