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The Capley Sports Collaborative is a new joint venture between strategic human resource development specialists McKinley Solutions Inc. and the executive sport management consultancy Capitis Consulting Inc.

In working collaboratively to address a number of mutual sport client development needs, the two firms pinpointed advanced and all-encompassing executive leadership skills as a core strategic need in the sport industry today, and decided to team up to create a unique solution to genuinely address it.

“There are fantastic people either directly leading or aiming to lead the sport industry, many of whom have come from athletic or program management backgrounds,” explains Capitis Consulting Inc. President Paul Varian. “Many of them repeatedly come to us enquiring about sport-specific executive leadership development opportunities that frankly don’t exist in the market today with the degree of specialization they need and want. The Capley Sports Collaborative provides that.”

“Sport executives already possess tremendous leadership traits and in many cases are more effective and successful than a lot of business executives,” continues Mark Thompson, President of McKinley Solutions Inc. “But executive development opportunities that are routinely afforded to business executives are not readily available in the sport industry and sport leaders are understandably reluctant to invest in a regular executive MBA or Masters degree of which maybe half of the content is directly applicable to a sport leadership environment.”

Mark Thompson


Mark R. Thompson is the President and Chief Engagement Officer of McKinley Solutions Exchange based in the Toronto office.

Mark is a nationally recognized speaker in leadership, teambuilding, motivation and human capital. Mark is also a sought after lead trainer for groups of all sizes from small leadership retreats to large groups of 500 plus, known for his high energy engaging passion style.

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Paul Varian


Paul Varian is the President at Capitis Consulting Inc., a consultancy providing value-adding services and support in and around the Boardroom to dozens of sport organizations at national provincial, district and community level. Recent work has included strategic planning, governance reviews, membership restructures, Board/executive coaching and program evaluations. Varian also regularly lectures on sport business matters at courses and conferences in Canada and around the world.

Before opening Capitis Consulting in early 2013, Varian managed North America's largest participation soccer club, Oakville Soccer Club, expanding its revenues by 62% and aggregate player registration base by 28% to over 19,000.

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