Moe Poirier

Moe is an accomplished entrepreneur with a strong background in building and leading teams. His sweet spot as an executive coach is in leadership, communication, and team development. He is a strong fit as with both emerging and experienced leaders.

Moe has established and run hands-on learning programs for youth in science, engineering and technology that reach a quarter of a million participants annually. He also launched a series of IT skills development programs for youth across Canada.

Moe has apprenticed and practiced as a coach with some of the best, including Jim Hayhurst Sr. and Michael Reddy (The Right Mountain) and Ross Gilchrist (The Next Institute). Moe has also served as a coach with Morneau-Shepell through their EAP services.

As a consultant in the corporate sector, Moe has designed, developed and delivered performance improvement programs in leadership and communications. In addition to his coaching practice, Moe is an accomplished facilitator who specializes in leadership development and has worked with corporate clients across North America and in the UK. A few of his leadership development and facilitation clients include: Aecon Group, ATB Financial, Canadian Pacific, Home Depot, Loblaw, Alcon, and Reckitt-Benckiser.

Moe has a B. A. Sc. Electrical Engineering (Systems) and Management. To this he has added courses in organizational and community development, strategic facilitation, professional speaking, sales and marketing and coaching.

A new way of delivering executive education and leadership professional development to the sports industry!


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