Simon Geoghegan

Simon specializes in helping teams and organizations move from conflict to high performance, and has coached hundreds of leaders in organizations across five continents.

He understands the pressures of the corporate world, because he’s worked in it.

Beginning with a career at Microsoft, Simon held senior leadership roles and was a topperforming sales and marketing professional in technology and educational fields, in the U.S., Canada and Japan - before discovering his passion for coaching.

As a professional facilitator and coach, Simon combines his wealth of corporate experience with an accomplished knowledge and passion for supporting groups and individuals, helping them achieve their best work. He enjoys creating safe environments where groups are able to have candid conversations, so important for creating shared meaning and opening the way for a team to progress. He also firmly believes successful organizations are those that value workplace cultures where people bring their whole selves to work - and view each other as valued colleagues.

Over the past decade he’s conducted more than 500 workshops across many industries, including finance, technology, pharma and professional services.

Simon’s a member of the International Coaching Federation and trained as a leadership and systems coach with the Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship. He holds a B.A. from Carleton University and studied Masters-level courses in Education through the University of Calgary.

At home, he’s active in his community, passionate about many subjects, including adult development, technology and astronomy – and stays fit by trying to keep up with his 3 sons.

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